Tugi Kids

Beginning from 1998, we have been preparing astoundingly elegant and creative TUGI KIDS models. It is our target to continue to become the leading company sought after in Classic and Casual groups for boys aged 2-18. Our main products include suits, shirts, trousers, knitwear, jackets, t-shirts, coats and all related accessories.
Tugi Kids Works with CIS Countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Middle East Countries such as Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, European Countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium and Greece.


Our success stems from our structured corporate culture. We create the future textile production understanding not only in our thoughts, but also by putting the long-, medium- and short-term plans into action with maximum efficiency. We achieve a real success thanks to the preliminary studies performed after the process planning and the selection of the technology to be used.


When cutting fabrics, the first and most important step of production, we combine first-class service understanding with advanced vision and innovative processes. With the unique experience of Tugi Kids experts, the state of art automatic cutters and spreaders enable 15,000 cutting operations per day.


We perform this centuries-old art with the unique touches of our professionals who are experts in their fields. We produce perfect pieces by using high-tech machines in the sewing processes carried out with care and precision. Each stitch is part of a fascinating change. Our internal and external sewing processes are carried out productively by a trained workforce equipped with the necessary machinery under the supervision of our sewing team.


We take a 360-degree approach to all processes by combining multiple aspects of the work discipline. We adopt a healthy and sustainable textile production approach from a single center and apply cleaning processes that are free from harmful carcinogens and chemicals. We inspire the entire world for a healthy life and a clean environment.


We strive for our local and global customers to enjoy the highest quality, service and delivery performance with the Tugi Kids experience. Packaging involves more than meets the eye. We are committed to excellence in the most important part of the supply chain with enhanced product protection, optimized packaging for transport, and environmentally friendly and biodegradable sustainable packaging processes.


By creating dynamic teams in our all services, we offer fast and reliable solutions thanks to our young and dynamic employees aligned with our product line. We make sure that our customers have a flawless journey with Tugi Kids by performing logistics operations at the required standards with our human-oriented service network.

About Us

We started this journey for children, who are in the lead role of each inspiring moment and unforgettable story, and continue it with the excitement of producing clothes that give color to every moment they live to make them unforgettable.

Every child is the hero of their own story, and we produce clothes for them that they will proudly carry throughout their journey. Thus, we are a part of the journey of children who change th...


We have been offering quality and reliable clothing products for children since 1998. Our products, which are produced using carefully selected materials and the latest technology, make children look comfortable and stylish. We offer the latest trends every season by following fashion. We also ensure that our products are sold at affordable prices so that every family has an option for their children to shop for. Trust us and find the best clothing for your kids with us.

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'We offer a lifetime warranty for our products'

By combining technology and creativity in the manufacture of children's textile products between the ages of 2-18, we offer our professionalism to consumers in many parts of the world with a 'lifetime guarantee'