About Us

We started this journey for children, who are in the lead role of each inspiring moment and unforgettable story, and continue it with the excitement of producing clothes that give color to every moment they live to make them unforgettable.

Every child is the hero of their own story, and we produce clothes for them that they will proudly carry throughout their journey. Thus, we are a part of the journey of children who change the world.

We started out in 1998 to realize the dreams of all children, and we have now become a leading manufacturer and exporter of children's clothing around the world. Combining the powers of technology and creativity to produce textile products for children aged between 2 and 18, we offer professional services and a "lifetime guarantee” to consumers across the world.

We produce our products with the motivation of creating a better world and a healthier future, with 416 corner systems and an annual production capacity of 280.000 pcs. We work toward our mission to offer healthy, reliable, and high-performance products to the children of the future by combining high technology with the rich resources offered by nature.

Because we believe that every child is a hero and every hero must have the support of those who love him.